Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Is this the next "disruptive technology" that will change advertising

I just watched an extremely interesting Charlie Rose interview. Charlie's guests were the founders of SPRITZ. Spritz is a new digital reading system. Since the Sumerians first starting making marks on a clay tablet thousands of yeqrs ago, text has been presented as groups of words covering a page. This was the only way to deliver complete messages on a clay tablet or...on a tablet computer. SPRITZ presents words one of a time in a rapid sequence. To facilitate reading the letter which is the focal point of each word is shown in red to draw the eye quickly to the message. I tried this system on their website ( ) and it is amazing how quickly one can absorb printed information using Spritz. Spritz claims that it is possible to read a 1,000 words a minute using their method.

The question is, "How does this impact advertising?" Typically people would be attracted by the content of a page and would stumble upon the advertising sharing the page when they are reading. With Spritz, one only see the desired content one word at a time. If this system catches on, which I think is a very real possibility, it could change web and mobile technology. This will be an interesting innovation to watch, a potential game changer.

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Jim Busch

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