Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The "one-two punch" technique for cold calling

It is estimated that some 80% of business calls end up in voice mail. I would not be surprised if a similar percentage of business e-mails end up in the "junk mail" or "deleted items" folders. I heard a technique today that should increase your chance of getting through to a decision maker.

The technique starts with a phone call. When you get voice-mail, leave a message something like this: "This is Jim Busch from Company Name,  I know you're busy so I will send you a e-mail detailing how businesses like yours are attracting new clients. Look it over and if you're interested, give me a call. Thanks."

this low key approach doesn't sound overly "salesie" and enhances the chances of your e-mail being read.

Follow this up with an e-mail using the subject line: "Per my e-mail"

In your e-mail use a customer testimonial and tell the prospect you'd like to give them some information that they will find valuable. Do not give them all the details. Include your number and ask them to call or e-mail you.

If the customer calls back be prepared to share some research or ideas with them to make good on your promise. If they do not call back, follow-up in a few days leaving a message that you are following up on your voice-mail and e-mail messages. This will tell the customer that you have made an effort to reach them and they may feel obligated to call back.

Will this work? I'm not sure but this is a good idea to experiment.

Thanks for reading

Jim Busch

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