Friday, May 4, 2012

"Escape" Television

When I talk to a business owner who is considering advertising on television (Cable or Local Broadcast) I ask them if they watch "Escape Routes" on NBC. Escape Routes is a television program that was produced by the Ford Motor Company and given at no charge to NBC. NBC could air the program and sell advertising around it, the only stipulation being that the network would not sell any other automotive ads on Escape Routes. This show features a group of young adults traveling around the country in their Ford Escapes and trying to win a new Ford by competing in challenges. This is a full 60 minutes of product placement. Ford decided to go this route (no pun intended) when they looked at the results from their advertising on American Idol. Coke whose products were featured during the show did much better than Ford who used traditional commercials. Ford realized that 44% of US homes now own a DVR (Digital Video Recorder such as a TIVO) This is an 11% increase in ownership of these commercial killing machines over just two years ago.Research indicates that DVR owners fast forward through more than 1/2 of the commercials during the programs they watch. Ford countered this trend by building their products into the show's content but this option is not available to small business advertisers. Thess devices coupled with the growing number of people who are watching TV on their laptops and tablet computers greatly reduces the impact of TV advertising.

These are good points to share with prospects to get them thinking before they commit their budget to television.

Take it easy but take it!

Thanks  Jim Busch

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