Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Myers-Briggs The Friend Type

Last week we talked about 4 Myers-Briggs personality types (I learned these as Actor-Doer-Thinker Friend though there are many names for the 4 types). Each of these types have things that identify them and set them apart from the others. Their speech patterns, dress, gestures and even their work spaces distinguish each type. Each requires a certain type of handing if you want to sell them on advertising with you. In my next few blogs I will cover the specific techniques for working with each f the 4 personality types. Here are the basic techniques you will want to use to identify and work with them.

  • Observe them closely, watch how they move and what gestures they use, how are they dressed?

  • Listen to what they say and to their speech patterns. Do the speak loudly or softly, quickly or slowly and what do they like to talk about?

  • Look at their workspace, it is neat or cluttered, strictly business like or personalized, and what is on display?

These clues will help you recognize the customer's type. You can then adapt your personal style to suit theirs by:

  • Mirroring their speech patterns

  • Speaking about the typical concerns of their type

Remember that most people's personalities are an amalgam of several types. By playing to their dominant type style you greatly increase your chances of welling them a program. Over the next few blogs I will discuss the 4 types and what you need to do to work with them.

Keep Smiling, Keep Selling!


Jim Busch

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